Not only our customers, but also the providers - here excerpts from a letter of reference from one of the leading EB-networks - are convinced of our approach what, on the other hand is the only basis for best results of an optimization of EB plans.

The texts are reproduced in the original language in order to preserve authenticity.


Für Stiebel Eltron entwickelte sich das EB-Projekt auch mit Blick auf die Kosteneffizienz zu einer echten Erfolgsgeschichte: Denn der Projektaufwand der MIBAV-Experten finanzierte sich durch die umgesetzten Einsparungen des inzwischen zentral geführten EB-Managements weitgehend selbst …

AIG Global Benefits Network

Based on our observations, we consider the approach of MIBAV according to one of the highest standards to be found in the market of international employee benefits consulting. For us as a network, working with MIBAV guarantees smooth processes. This helps the network in optimizing the service to multinational clients and creates an even higher level of client satisfaction and stronger relationship.


(Durch das EB-Audit) ... konnte unser Unternehmen Risiken im Ausland abwenden, aber auch den im Inland versicherten Mitarbeitern Vorteile im Bereich der Versteuerung zugesagter Leistungen verschaffen.


MIBAV’s Competitive Positioning

- Offers very low-risk approach due to performance-based remuneration

- Completely independent with no affiliation with brokers or insurers

- Only accountable to its clients


... the development and the establishment of an Employee Benefit Policy within our complex organization added a tremendous value and resulted in substantial and perpetuating saing to KPMG International as well as to each participating KPMG member firm ...