Diploma in International Employee Benefits

MIBAV recommends this training.

The Diploma in International Employee Benefits provides a programme of education, study and examinations for all those involved with the complex area of international employee benefits. It has been developed in the UK in conjunction with the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) .
Further details can be found in this Diploma leaflet.

The syllabus includes a review of the employee benefits environment in nine countries where multinational companies typically operate. The course also addresses the major benefit design and financing issues that multinational corporations have to face in managing international employee benefits including:

  • international benefit strategy

  • financing arrangements

  • risk benefit management

  • accounting and actuarial matters

  • internationally mobile employees

Individuals from many backgrounds will find the Diploma meets their professional needs. These individuals may work for consultancies (including actuaries, lawyers, accountants and tax specialists) or insurance companies or in the pensions or remuneration and benefits departments of commercial companies. They may have international experience already or find that their careers are beginning to move in that direction.

In developing the Diploma, the aim has been to identify those aspects of benefit provision which such people are most likely to encounter in dealing with expatriates, internationally mobile employees and local employees. On a wider scale, it is hoped that the material will be of assistance in formulating corporate policy on employee benefits worldwide.