What we do

What we do

Be strict with the process, but be gentle with the staff.


State-of-the-art processes help employers optimize costs of Human Capital

During the MIBAV EB-Audit, brokers, consultants, carriers and other providers are benchmarked, selected and positioned within a supply-chain that is most convenient for the client.

For this the Head Offices of our clients must among others, define and implement clear EB-related processes, from decentralized decision making regarding benefits design and eligibility to a centralized global pricing, reporting and monitoring of all EB plans.

Clients no longer want to pay fat fees for a bit of strategic advice

from a senior partner and a lot of humdrum work from neophytes.” (The Economist)

Value Proposition

Through a set of proven optimization practices, MIBAV is able to forecast the EB costs of global corporations and realize savings.

Our unique methodology is based on over 30 years of international know-how and a comprehensive data analysis tool that takes into account the savings potential for the most important cost components. We direct a thorough and transparent analysis of all existing EB plans, revealing inefficiencies and excessive costs of employee benefit plans.

Implementation of EB-related successes

For each of the contracts that are to be optimized, MIBAV supports clients locally as well as centrally, from identification to contractual conception and implementation of the program.

In this phase, MIBAV's network of more than 1.000 partners worldwide facilitate local implementation and guarantees the conformity with the existing plan as well as with local law and regulations.